Application Process

So that all potential applicants will understand the complete end-to-end application process and post award requirements, the process is recapped below.

HSRF-101 Scholarship Standards and Requirements - Applicant must review said standards and requirements and by virtue of submitting the application indicates that they are in compliance and agree to remain in compliance as long as they remain an active HSRF Scholar.

Next, complete HSRF-102 Scholarship Application - Applicant must complete this form and submit electronically either by using the “submit” button or email the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The applicant must request the school to send a copy of their high school transcript and ACT scores.

Next, the Foundation will review the application and supporting material and at its sole discretion will select the Finalists. Finalists will continue to the next steps.

Next, while the Foundation is contacting the references you provided in your application, the Finalist must have their parents/guardians complete and submit Form HSRF-103, Parents’ Financial Information along with copies of the two most recent years’ IRS 1040s. This information must be received before the scheduled interview. The high school counselor will contact the Finalists to arrange a personal interview.

After the interview, the Foundation at its sole discretion will make its final selection(s). HSRF Scholars will receive notification of award at the Award Ceremony and a follow up letter from the Foundation.

HSRF Scholars must complete HSRF-105, Agreement and Contact Information. Note that no payments will be made by the Foundation until this form is received. Also, note this form must be kept up to date at all times until the HSRF Scholar is no longer in active status.

At the conclusion of each semester, the HSRF Scholar must complete the on-going reporting requirements before the Foundation’s board can authorize any payment for the next semester. Complete and submit Form HSRF-106, Reporting along with copy of your current school account to include costs, classes taken and to be taken, grades, total credits earned and required credits for degree plan and funds into and out of account. Also, updates to Form HSRF-105 Agreement and Contact Information, if any changes have occurred since its submission.