In order to be considered for and to receive financial assistance for higher education, Recipients (HSRF Scholars) must demonstrate and maintain the highest of moral character in their previous conduct and throughout the course of any continuing financial assistance from HSRF. To be considered, an applicant must not have a criminal record, use alcohol or illicit drugs nor can a HSRF Scholar be convicted of a criminal offense. An applicant cannot be married or have minor dependents. Marriage or having/fathering a child will terminate any ongoing financial assistance from the Foundation, as the student’s priorities must change from education to supporting a family.

Applicants must be full time students and a senior or have graduated in the last three years from either the Carmi White County High School or the Linden-Kildare High School. Applicants who are seeking a degree in engineering, computer sciences, information technology, science, math, or industrial technology will be given priority over those seeking other degrees. The Foundation will also consider degrees in architecture, accounting, nursing or education. Degrees such as, but not limited to, liberal studies, art, history, general business, marketing, psychology, pre-law, law, and pre-med are generally not considered for financial assistance from HSRF.

The length of commitment for and amount of any financial assistance awarded to any applicant will be detailed in an award letter at the appropriate time. However, no commitment will exceed four (4) years from the time of the HSRF Scholar’s first enrollment at a college or university and that initial enrollment must take place no later than six (6) months from the date of the award letter issued to the HSRF Scholar.

Applicants may select any accredited four (4) year college or university as the school at which they intend to use any financial assistance awarded them by HSRF. A junior college or government entity-operated two-year technical school will qualify for two years of study. The Foundation gives award preference to applicants who have selected a cost effective college or university. The applicant, by his/her Cost and Funding Plan as part of their application, must exhibit a good grasp of their end goals and have a viable financial plan to accomplish those goals.

Scholarships awarded will be applicable towards tuition and fees, books, and room and board and will be paid to the school one semester at a time in the amount and for the duration of the commitment indicated in the award letter from the Foundation to those individuals selected as HSRF Scholars subject to the student continuing to meet all HSRF requirements for continuation of the financial assistance.

Applicants should be aware of IRS Publication 970, “Tax Benefits for Education”, ( which covers the taxability of scholarship payments. HSRF abides by all applicable government accounting and reporting requirements. Applicants must provide to the Foundation any information regarding their eligibility for, and receipt of, any government grants such as, but not limited to, Pell Grants, state grants and other government grants/aid. The Foundation requires that these grants must be received and applied first to student accounts before any Foundation funding is applied.

After you have reviewed all of the relevant documents and website information and you believe you meet the basic requirements for financial assistance from HSRF for continuing your education, and are willing to commit to abide by all of the Foundation’s standards and requirements during the course of that financial assistance, begin the application process by completing the Scholarship Application Form (HSRF-102) following the directions on that form.