Scholarship Qualifications

The applicant must be a full time student and a senior at either the Carmi-White County High School or Linden Kildare High School.

The scholarships in the form of financial assistance for higher education are for a select group of students with the desire to obtain a college education but who do not have financial means to attend college.

The Foundation will give preference to those students seeking a degree in engineering, computer sciences, information technology, science, or industrial technology (metal, wood, electrical and drafting). The foundation will also consider degrees in math, architecture, business, nursing, or education.

Applicants must demonstrate a high moral character in their personal conduct.

Selected applicants must maintain a minimum load (defined as completing 12 passing hours each semester) in the chosen degree program. The minimum GPA is a 2.5 GPA/4.0 (cumulative average and semester average for college classes after leaving high school.

If you meet these requirements and can agree to abide by the requirements of the scholarship, have the need and desire to get a degree, apply for the scholarship.